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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  April 6, 2014 1:30am-3:01am EDT

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>> john. >> russell mania in new orleans, hulk hogan, new orleans is back, tiedwater is up 20% on the year in there smackdown, guess what, neil is next. >> 7.1 reasons to celebrate. hi, everyone, neil cavuto, while the white house is celebrating those 7.1 million obamacare enrollees, it might not mean nay are new enrollees or paid enrollees, we are talking about the millions of americans kicked off their coverage, so there are like no enrollees. is all of this adding up to you paying a lot more for the coverage you got if you got it. what do you think?
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>> this thing is going to be extraordinarily expensive to everybody involved nobody is talking about all people who did not have insurance before the law. that was what it was sold as, as this cure all in a mean spirited society where tens of millions were left out of the system. >> that is miniscule numbers. it's heart breaking. we're the millions of people. one of the problems is it was hinted this stuff would be free. it's becoming more and more expensive as each day goes back. >> the irony was in the beginning to make sure everyone in this country was insured, now with this, we are looking at 40-plus million who aren't. maybe we can whittle it down to 30 million that aren't. isn't that what we are going into here? >> that 30 million numberomeses
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from the congressional budget office. it's unclear how many of these a little more than 7 million people that join the exchanges din have insurance, we have a good still only one-third were previously unemployed. you are basically shuffleing the deck chairs if you will in upending health care, to what end? not that many more people have insurance. >> this is the real house of lies. this entire health care fiasco. >> it's a good one. >> it's completely true. they've lied about it when they sold it. they lie about it every day. they tell you, first off. >> remember, you don't technically lie when you say a number like 7.1 billion. you leave out the new part the paid part. >> do you lie when you say you got, if you want your current
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insurance you can keep it? i'm saying when you build massive public policy on a lie, you can't trust anyone, the debate among lawyers is who is in there? it becomes legal remember the premise is a lie t. rest of it becomes very, very. >> a part of the lie is that they were surprised. they didn't realize this would happen. you buy that? >> i don't know where you guys are getting your numbers. >> that one, i'm give you that one. i don't know where they're getting that 400,000 number. i'll tell you this, listen, the state of kentucky is a good number 40% of the uninsured will be reduced thanks to obamacare. that's just kentucky that's not
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talking about california with larger numbers. >> if we enter with 46 million uninsured. let's say we've taken that down a couple million. >> more than that, much more than that. >> well, that's debatable. you know we can argue this data. but if in the end we will be left with 30-plus million uninsured, we've upended our entire health care system for the 10% not covered and now many in that 10% either ver no interest in this or won't be covered period. it was a waste, wasn't it? >> no, first of all, there are tons of people who got insured off exchange, which is wage called insurance companies and got covered. there are people who are able get insurance coverage through expansion of medicaid. wait a second. >> if we are left with 30 million. >> we're not. >> so they got it wrong? when all is said and done, you would say? >> we are not going to be left with 30 million. as of today, yes, will it happen
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overnight, no. you are talking about overhauling the health care system. >> i will pursue this lead with you. if we are left with 30 million who will not be insured despite our hopes they may be some day, to me, that's a waste of effort. >> look, i don't remember anybody talking about the success of this is to have 7 million sign up. all we were talking about is the uninsured. >> that is just not happening. the bottom line with all of this is it was sold based on nothing. we are ending up with nothing. we have higher taxes, higher premiums. there was a major study just done with the biggest corporations out there, the 10,000 employees that found out it will cost-to-$240u6789 bucks, it will hurt unemployment. this will go south big time as we move forward. >> play that out then. let's say, these businesses who
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might use this sort of thing not to hire. this combined with the hike in the minimum wage doesn't provide a conducive environment to higher. what do you think? >> friday we saw a big jump in part-time employment for economic reasons, i think we will see that trend continue. i think these employees are being honest. i think it's a pretty logical thing. i can only make x amount of business. if you keep extracting it, i have to make adjustments. if i can pass it on to customers, fine, if i have to fire people it's hard to get it right when the white house won't be honest. they said they don't know how many people have insurance that didn't have it before. >> that is prepros truss. but be that as it may, charles is right in the sense that this whole thing was built on a certain premise it was not sold properly, incorrectly, in a way that zwooid divided an election,
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it's crazy, at the end of the day i'm a simple country reporter. >> a country queen? >> thank you. we have to believe the white house that they control all the data basically they control 'spin. i think the horrible things is that the media is buying their spin. there is no there is more investigative reporting about high frequent sip trading. >> the numbers are available. you have as to hunt around for them. by all meanings i would sell everyone here and outside, report that figure then get into how many are abreast of this who didn't have insurance before? how many are paying, which is crucial. how many are young? you start going through this, whether you quote rand, the number is much lower, leading aside the myelograms more keep
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them simple. it is nowhere near 7 million. >> frankly, i fine it comic am you so easily dismiss those estimates. you say it's not true. so the next time some numbers fall in your favor from the cbo, i expect you to dismiss that at all. >> you guys are cherry picking numbers. let's talk about the fact that the vast majority of them got covered with a different policy. >> different policy? >> different policy. they could not keep their old plan. >> uconn seeded, you are right about that. >> you can see the vast majority including me who got their policies cancelled immediately.
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>> i'm actually paying less. >> here's what i will concede that you have conceded that obamacare is built on a lie. >> you will not concede. >> uconn seeded obamacare was built on a lie. the premise is you have admitted the president got you to vote for the party you worked for lied. >> uconn seed my point. >> will you let me finish? republican or democrat a liar. the office of the presidency, i will not respect the office that way. >> i have never called george bush a liar. i challenge you to find an example. >> i will concede this point that it is not the numbers we have been told. i think it's fair to say it's
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not the way it's presented. they will report the president's stuff, this other stuff, in the meantime, did any of you see this? >>. >> currently, he said, you know, early to bed, early to rise, he did not want an institution overseeing it. i'll let you know more on what that is saying. they aren't sure any of the founding fathers had any in the early draft of the constitution, in the meantime, after that, we got this, the heat on gm. what about the government, what about that after this? ht commen
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you again in 30 minutes with more headlines. >> something is very strange that such a top employee would know nothing. >> the other thing we now know that it would only cost $2 to repair and it was apparently $2 too much for general motors to act despite a decade of wanting. >> this is criminal deception. >> general motors ceo taking a bipartisan beating over that delay. what about the government, the
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delay was going on, taxpayers have what amounted to a $50 million deal. the government is backing off on this. >> i think those predators who voted for the bailout. they stop wagging them, talking about the culture of coverup. you invested. you bailed it out. >> i was in favor of the auto bailout. i find it comical these senators sit up there and are lamb basting the new ceo and scolding the company. you foe what, you owned it until the end of last year. a part of it. it's a joke.
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>> investigators can see the key went from running the engine to the radio. there are over 100 complaints, more complaints about that than a toyota corolla, which the government insisted it was a bomb. they told people not to drive. they took them, made them recall this stuff. you got to ask yourself, why did you look the other way? >> the idea they deliberately put out a vehicle that was a piece of junk that people decide from it. now they need tens of billions of taxpayer dollars, i wonder if someone knew this and looked the other way. >> i have to say the national highway traffic administration in 2007 had a defect panel that convened and decided to take no action. so some evidence was certainly in the government's hands if there was a problem there. >> there is a moral hazard, that's the notion when you bail out a business, management gets
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fat and happy and takes more risks. the banks were bailed out many times, lower interest rates, small bailouts, you name it. when you have a business bailed out, management becomes fat, happy, complacent, stupid. that's what this is all about. >> i must pause, we don't know if they are deliberate. >> i understand, i understand. gary, the bottom line is this. it's going to give people pause about gm going forward, would you as a savvy investor think twice about buying gm in an environment where people are at least a little bit more cynical about the company? >> i think three times, look, if anybody at gm knew of this, i think it would be a criminal cause there. this is all bad news, as far as the bankruptcy goes i think it would have been done, unfortunately, a different way.
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nothing is coming from this. >> the bankruptcy laws in this country not so much gm as an example, they insulate you entirely from criminal liability. >> this wasn't a classic bankruptcy, that we funded. >> taxpayers funded this, i agree, i support it from the ripple effect from the economy, do i have sympathy for xm over-? of course not. >> we could have done a prepackaged bankruptcy, that was then, this is now. in the meantime, isn't this rich? a rich couple getting food stamps. they were on the run until america's financial superhero ran him down. . >> is that when folks in the lower 48 think about what they get from alaska, .
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they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. thousands of people here in alaska are working to safely produce more energy. but that's just the start. to produce more from existing wells, we need advanced technology. that means hi-tech jobs in california and colorado. the oil moves through one of the world's largest pipelines. maintaining it means manufacturing jobs in the midwest. then we transport it with 4 state-of-the-art, double-hull tankers. some of the safest, most advanced ships in the world: built in san diego with a $1 billion investment. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. and no energy company invests more in the u.s. than bp. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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you've yacht to be kidding me. yacht. a couple allegedly collected welfare and food stamps living on this $1.2 million yacht. when we reported, the law decided hours after a manhunt was on, this couple behind bars. you're welcome, america. they had big homes, expensive yacht while claiming poverty, ripping off the government. the couple facing felony charges. gary, you do not have to thank me now, but what do you think of stories like these? i think we are going to get more of them. >> here's the problem.
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there are over 80 national welfare programs doling out almost $1 trillion. there's too much money sloshing around. that's how you get this type of fraud. it took seven years to figure out what these people are doing. there is so much of this out there in the tens of billions of dollars. we need a fraud czar when it comes to welfare. >> i can't do this alone. >> first of all, i have to say cartoon cavuto makes the ladies swoon? >> built to scale. >> i know. i've seen you in the flesh. from what the government reports, they say there is less than 1% fraud in the snap program. >> right. >> dagen, if you like some government statistics, you've got to like all of them, right? >> dagen didn't say anything. >> whoever said, yeah, right. gary, sorry.
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that's like saying you can't drink alcohol because there are bad drivers out there who drive drunk. reality is there will always be bad actors. throw the baby out with the bath water. >> prosecutors are on the case. you had a record number of people on food stamps, on disability, they are cracking down on fraud. january and february this year is a big disability fraud bust. about 128 people were picked up. it was former cops and firefighters here in new york city. >> the bigger the numbers get, whether 1%, 10% waste, crime, thieving rule of thumb, you'll have more cases. >> pumpkin spice latte man to the rescue. it should have been an "l" not a "c." >> it hate you. >> when you got welfare, you had to prove you needed welfare.
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you don't have to do that any more. they literally hand you the check after the initial interview. in the old days they kept checking on you. >> gary k. has it right. it's a gigantic fund. i think the government deliberately puts loopholes in it because people on welfare think they are getting over. you stay in poverty and these are sweeteners never to help you get out of it. you can't put $1 trillion out there and everyone doesn't take abuse of it. >> disability fraud is my favorite. people post videos of them zip lining and stuff. that's how they get busted. >> latte man will be here. >> will it get worse? >> it's not bad now. a couple of bad actors don't poison the pie. >> it's not bad now. enjoy the radiation. my thanks to all. up next, the market in march.
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charles, march 1st picked zillow growing more than 10%. since then, don't think you can
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more winners from my buddy charles payne. >> kansas city southern. stock waxed because of the governor in mexico. they'll benefit and opening in panama canal. gtat, apple iphone 6.
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people out there are spending money. i think the stock makes a good move. >> gary? >> just be careful of this gt advance. i think the froth is coming off this market. >> be profitable, be well. see you next week. ft. hood, texas, in shock from yet another senseless shooting. folks asking how to prevent it from happening again. the last time tragedy struck in 2009, the pentagon spent money on a sweeping review. it resulted in beefed-up security measures and more restrictions for firearms on base. sadly, wasn't enough. is the answer to do more of the same or try something else? this is "forbes on fox." the usual reaction in washington, spend more money,
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but is that the answer? >> i think it would be a big mistake. that's in no way meant to minimize the tragedy too took place at ft. hood. ultimately we live in a world where there are mentally unbalanced individuals who will try to bring us harm. this will take place no matter what we do. they took precautions and they didn't work. we should be reluctant infringing on freedoms. no law or legislation is going to change this. >> after 2009 new security measures taken included adding more restrictions for weapons carried on base. issuing security personnel with more kinds of weapons, et cetera. that wasn't enough. >> i want to say and i know i'm speaking for everybody, we have these people in our hearts, the lost loved ones. we are rooting for those who are
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hopefully healing in the hospital. i was speaking with an ex-military friend of mine. these bases are cities. there are a lot of people there. the military is doing their best to bring this sort of thing to an end. i wonder how much they can do. they are just people trying their hardest. even though it's a military base these terrible things happen. >> maybe they are doing too much in certain areas. there was a survivor of the 2009 shooting who spoke on fox earlier this week. >> we are trained to be able to operate these weapons and make good decisions with the weapons. guns don't kill people. people kill people. if you're allowed to carry the weapons on the base, that's a deterrent. >> he is saying one of those new restrictions that was imposed after 2009 was a mistake. the military should be able to carry more weapons on base. >> i think it will be time for a
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conversation about changing this policy. if anybody should be allowed to carry a gun, it seems someone on a mitary base should be. that seems to be the only thing that slows down or thwarts these horrible efforts. i reviewed an independent study of what happened at the navy yard shooting in september. their findings said there's been too much emphasis pouring money securing the perimeter of the base and not enough looking who is coming on to the base and eliminating a lot of the security clearances people don't need to have. >> if i had to choose between a politician in washington and a guy who survived the shooting. he was shot multiple times himself. i would choose him rather than the politician. >> i would like to remind viewers you have skin in the game. your son is a marine. i know you feel this issue very deeply.
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i think rick unger pointed out the main difficulty in all this. military bases are very large. they are cities. they occupy a lot of square miles. this is not going to be easy. predictive behavior is science fiction today. it's rapidly evolving into something where we can probably predict violence more accurately. that would encroach on people's liberties, obviously. we are talking about the military and not civilian life. >> the families who have sons and daughters on military bases, they don't want political correctness. they just want their folks safe. >> that's right. you're right. i hear what you're saying. our hearts go out to the families of those victims here. they want their sons and daughters safe. this touches such a deep core. there is such a shock around stories like this and a sense of
2:05 am
vulnerability. tougher background checks. there are people who are unstable. the clearances need to be double and triple checked constantly. these are people with no political agenda. they crack under pressure and that's heartbreaking, as well. >> as much sympathy as we have for people with mental problems, perhaps they shouldn't be on the base. the key is keeping people safe. the key is not necessarily extending a welcoming hand to everybody. the key is keeping our personnel safe. >> if you want to seek safety, react not to headlines but to statistics. the statistics are clear. among noncombat deaths, accidents outnumber homicides 10-1. you are not going to see a congressional hearing about a speeding jeep that rolled over and killed somebody. we shouldn't overreact to
2:06 am
headlines. i think rich's idea of some massive data base that will identify tragedies before they happen is pure fantasy. >> if you do have skin in the game, if your folks are there, you do react very strongly to a repeated shooting. this is the same military base. if they can't get that right, they can't get anything right. >> i think bill baldwin has it right. we can have all sorts o data bases hoping to fight this. there are a lot of unbalanced people out there. i see one in front of my office building every day who screams at the skies on a daily basis. if we are going to incarcerate people we think are a potential risk, we are going to live in a society we don't like. >> we are not talking about society. we are talking about a military base. can't we get those screaming mad people off the military bases?
2:07 am
>> it's such a tough area. david, you have skin in the game what you you have a son in the military. everybody has skin in the game because unfortunately this is happening in every major city in this country almost every day. i don't know what the right answer is. i take the irony of the sergeant who pointed out these are the best trained people with a gun you are going to find anywhere. we do know more guns can lead to bad situations sometimes. a tough one. >> i've got to say, sabrina,, soldiers are trained better than anybody in the united states. they know how to defend themselves. they should be allowed to do that with the right tools, should they not? >> i agree. i think there is something ironic about a military base not allowing people to carry weapons. we need to be careful when we walk that line about talking about people's mental stability
2:08 am
because the reality is this man had been seeing a psychiatrist on the base. he had been under care. there were no red flags. there was nothing that suggested this man would snap. unfortunately, we just want to be careful we don't say someone struggling with depression is going to be a potential murderer. >> again, our hearts go out obviously to the families of those killed and injured and to families everywhere. we know how you feel. time to turn to another big story this week. obamacare. house minority leader nancy pelosi say it's what our founding fathers envision for america. we play the tape and let you decide. >> i haven't heard where the founding fathers would want anything like this. this is something the american public didn't want when it started.
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coverage on the missing plane. see you back at 1:00 p.m. eastern. is obamacare a fundamental right that our founding fathers would have envisioned for all americans? house minority leader nancy pelosi apparently thinks so. >> our founders wanted life, healthier life, liberty, the freedom to pursue their happiness not job locked, but having benefits, health care policies that are affordable.
2:13 am
>> i don't think that the founding fathers ever intended for the government to be so controlling over our lives. >> we can't live with the same rules they had back then. they didn't have soap. >> the founding fathers were emphatic each could make his own destiny, make their own living and build the american dream. >> who is right? would the founders have approved of obamacare? >> no. i like the guy who said they didn't have soap back then. the founding fathers, with all due respect, would not have given at that time nancy pelosi the right to vote back then. >> or you. >> the founding fathers were about democratic, basically the states telling or governing how they are going to rule. in the commerce clause it was about where the health reform came in. it was about dropping barriers to trade between the states. i do not think the founding fathers would have been central
2:14 am
government control over help. >> it was all about restricting government, restricting the reach, restricting the intention of government. those are the basics on which this country was founded in the bill of rights. >> there is nothing in the bill of rights about health maintenance organizations. all the doctors could do was bleed you to death. there was something in the preamble to the constitution that said we are doing this to provide for the general welfare. there is something about statutes enacted by congress and signed into law. there is nothing in article 2 that prohibits congress from enacting stupid laws. >> they had something to say about laws too complex. from james madison, "it will be of little avail to people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if those laws be so voluminous they cannot be read or so incoherent that they
2:15 am
cannot be understood." to me, that's the definition of obamacare. >> strategy author those in faufr of obamacare at the administration has been to lie about it. once implemented to systemically erode its controls. despite people in the obama administration said they do not have the statuary authority to do that. they keep saying five years from now or six years from now we'll all love it. at that time it will be a big fat kick embedded in our society like medicare, which by the way, is on track to be broke in 20 years. >> the founding fathers, come on. >> i like what you said. it can be read which
2:16 am
substantiate your second part. it's a yes and no. thomas jefferson is on record having said all doctors are quacks. they didn't see a real up side in health care. they did empower congress to make these kinds of decisions. congress passed this law whether you like it or not. the founding fathers would have thought it was silly in their time because they didn't thing you could get health care. they did see the future in the sense if congress wants to pass a law to do it. okay. >> this was not an accidental statement by nancy pelosi. she said it several times before. last year around july 4th. it gets to the crux of what this country is, what makes it different. one of the godfather of the founders of this country was john lock. they used him as the basis for a lot of their thinking. he said, "the end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom."
2:17 am
does obamacare do that, preserve and enlarge freedom? >> certainly not. obamacare and the founders would never have passed obamacare and be struggling in their graves looking at it because the founders were libertarians. they meant to preserve our rights as individuals and severely limit the power of the federal government to do much of anything. they would be bothered that it passed. that it is a total failure wouldn't surprise them. what would bother is this speaks to the federal government going well beyond strict constitutional limits. >> i think so. what do you think? >> to follow bill baldwin's logic, congress has every right to repeal this law. if the republicans take the senate, they have every right to put president obama on the veto
2:18 am
pressure. let's keep this going. mike raises a great point about the misuse of executive order to continually change this law. >> stay tuned. the story is not over. the government is bringing something back for green cards that the cashing gang says will flush your green down the tank. president obama union members declaring that's how to help workers. some say scrapping the minimum wage all together will help workers more.
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one house republican said it's outlived its usefulness. that's what he said. don't boo, organize. the president mocking those who say scrapping the minimum wage will help workers more than hiking it. so rich, i guesses's mocking you, as well. that's what you believe, right? >> i think we should scrap it. we need to provide a more easily attainable bottom rung on the ladder for teenagers and other people desperate for jobs and need to learn work skills. when you have an adult, particularly adults with children, it is tragic when people are working at the minimum wage. that is a flaw of the education system and it's a flaw of obama's 2% growth economy. higher minimum wage would not
2:23 am
solve bad education and slow growth economy. >> a job is more important than a minimum wage? >> i agree raising the minimum wage will not solve our growth problems and all the things rich just said. there's too many people out there who can't make ends meet. one thing interesting about this, this whole argument over a federal minimum wage increase, the states have already taken it over, folks. you've got eight states that passed laws themselves to raise minimum wage. you've got 32 states going through the legislative process right now doing it themselves and eight more where people are organizing to put it on the ballot. this is going to be done before the federal government gets to it. >> why should the federal government be doing it? one sides as we learned with obamacare does not fit all. the cost of living varies tremendously from one state to the other, one city to the other. detroit versus new york. detroit costs about half as much.
2:24 am
maybe the states should get the feds out of it. >> the fed should be out of it. democrats are missing the larger point. the only thing that will help people is robust job creation and economic growth. the reason people live in poverty is because they don't have consistent paid employment. if you look at the number of people 16 and older in poverty last year, 67% of them did not work full time. this is a major problem. i agree we need to change our educational system. this is a president who wants to paper over the fact he has a failing economy. >> this is a president who wants one-size-fits-all solutions. frankly, the states have been permitting well with this. >> nearly 20 states have minimum wages higher than the federal level. to your earlier point. if you have a one-size-fits-all, if you have a national minimum wage that is higher than the cost of living in some of these states, companies there are going to have to either raise their prices on the goods there
2:25 am
or fire people or not give entry level jobs to teenagers who need those jobs. >> i suspect it's one of those scrap it all people. >> scrap it on the federal level and leave the states out of it. as individuals we should have the right to contract with businesses however we want. the reality is minimum wage doesn't impact most of us because most businesses will pay us more than that to keep us around. what it does do is serve as a barrier to entry for those who need work experience and want to get a foot in the door so that they can attain higher wages. it's some of the cruellest legislation conceived by the political class. >> we ended with john because this day is a very important day for john. you're getting married. congrats. that's scary. >> i am. >> we'll invite your wife on next time. congratulations. >> that's right. >> wear socks. >> he never wears socks.
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you wouldn't know that. 48% of americans only
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>>. >> time to beef up that emergency cash. >> mid cap growth has mid-size players in defense, contractors, pharmaceuticals. choppy ride. >> scrawny fund. you've got a tax bill. >> financial services are taking
2:30 am
over the rest of the economy. get a piece of it. >> analysts saying stock is lagging its competitors like wells fargo or u.s. bank corp. >> that's it "forbes on fox." have a wonderful weekend. keep it here. finding the common thread in the midst of so many tragedies. another ft. hood rampage this week. the navy yard shooting with aaron alexis a crazed contractor mowed down a dozen innocent people. james holmes opened fire in a crowded movie theater leaving another 12 dead. the newtown schoolhouse slaughter with adam lanza killed 26 and the list goes on and on. the question, what do all of these horrific events have in common? the answer is these murders were all committed by people with
2:31 am
mental problems. the far left sets its sight on the second amendment, we focus on the real problem. i'm eric bowling. our cashin crew. innocent americans having their lives cut short by a deranged madman. this shooter ivan lopez was on a cocktail of anti-depressants and ambien and showed extreme anger on his facebook page, green light and finger that's translated to go time, locked and loaded. do we ned to know more of what's going inside their medicine cabinets and less inside their holsters? >> these don't come about because the availability of guns but the mental health of a couple of real monsters. no one goes on a killing rampage simply because there was a gun around. they go on it because they are seriously disturbed, seriously deranged people. i think more guns, the more
2:32 am
widespread availability of guns in movie theaters, military bases, in schools could have stopped some of these madmen before they were able to kill as many as they did. mental health is the explanation of these terrible tragedies. not availability of guns. >> all these young men were at least reportedly on some anti-depressants and seeing counselors for depression and other ailments. >> the statistics tell us approximately 46.4% of the people in the you'd at some point in their lifetime are going to suffer some kind of a mental problem or psychological problem. as the population grows, obviously you are going to have more crazy people. percentagewise that has increased from 63 to 93 in a study done that we know there are more tendency to neurotic behavior. i think that comes, and once again there have been a number of studies about this where the
2:33 am
xl complications in the society. when we were a bucolic, form-oriented society, it was much simpler. today there is much more pressure on people to do certain things. i don't know how you stop that. >> one of the issues here, these gun-free zones. they are target-rich environments. you look at military bases, you look at aurora, colorado, movie theater there was a sign that said this is a "gun-free zone." is it time to stop with the gun-free zone? >> no. i think america should be a gun-free zone. i'm amused you are so quick to run away from the easy availability of guns having some responsibility in all these tragedies. you are going to have people -- wayne made a great point. about half the country oftentimes has mental issues at some point during their lives. what you want to do -- i'm the
2:34 am
libertarian on this show. you want to get in everybody's life, start telling people what they can do or can't do because of their mental condition. you are going to stigmatize anybody who's gone through a depression. i think that's wrong. >> the libertarian says follow the second amendment which is the right to keep and bear arms. michelle, we are told not to judge the whole muslim religion because of a couple of lunatic islamic radicals. is one not judging every gun owner by four or five or ten lunatic gun owners? >> that is exactly what he is doing. we shouldn't be punishing law-abiding gun owners for something a few crazy people did. we don't have a gun problem in this country. we have a problem with untreated mental illness. if you look at all the mass murders in america, in 2/3 of the cases, the shooter had a mental health problem.
2:35 am
that is the issue here. it's not a gun. it is the fact people are mentally ill and not being treated. >> who is punishing any gun owner? who is challenging your right to have a gun? >> every time a tragedy happens -- >> hold on. you just said we have a gun problem. we want a gun-free america. >> we are not the nra is so strong we can't talk after newtown reasonable steps to protect our children. >> you and all the democrats in washington rush to push your agenda. >> name one thing. barack obama, who you don't like is president and he hasn't done a thing about guns. >> because he can't. he would if he could. >> hold on. >> you are seriously paranoid. >> look at the stats. talking about ten deaths per
2:36 am
100,000 people because of gun violence. that includes suicide. it's a terrible tragedy but talking about 12 deaths from automobile accidents a year per 100,000 people. i hope juan doesn't want to ban automobiles. i would suggest an ulterior notion. soldiers are told to sacrifice themselves for everyone. young people told not to pursue their interest but build dreams, fund entitlement programs. >> at the risk of raising something, guns are not the sole weapon in the world. you give a crazy person a knife,
2:37 am
he can carve up a bunch of people, too. there are all kinds of available weapons. this is not about a choice of weapons. this is trying to control people who are nuts. statistics tell us you cannot control the number of nuts. the more complicated our society becomes, the more nuts we have out there. i don't know how you deal with that without curbing personal freedom. >> when a tragedy like this happens, we are quick to look at washington, d.c., to try to find a solution. i think what we need to do is be more proactive in our communities. we are the ones who are best equipped identifying people who have mental problems, our neighbors our friends and try to be more proactive. not going to washington. >> well done. way to tie that up. thank you very much. from gm to the irs scandal to benghazi, how the white house may be creating a culture of no accountability and no responsibility. is this any way to run our
2:38 am
government? my battle with bill o'reilly about the government getting involved in private business. we agree to disagree. >> this is a free market
2:39 am
2:40 am
2:41 am
we are doing a complete investigation, but i would say in general we moved from a cost
2:42 am
culture after the bankruptcy to a customer culture. >> i took out the word islamic in front of extremist. >> i will not answer any questions or testify about the subject matter of this committee's meeting. >> from blaming someone else to giving lame excuses to refusing to answer whether it's the gm scandal, irs or benghazi scandal. no one in the obama administration is accountable for anything. the buck doesn't stop there. it seems our elected officials refuse to take responsibility for anything any more. i blame the white house creating this culture of, hey, it wasn't me. >> i thought this was supposed to be the most open and transparent government in the history of america. that doesn't seem to be the case. instead this administration seems like they are more focused on protecting each other, all those in the inner circle than protecting the american people. sebelius should have been kicked to the curb. eric holder should be gone. this administration is lying. it's lying all the time to the
2:43 am
american people. they expect the american people to sit back and put up with it. >> lois lerner, the irs, kathleen sebelius, hillary clinton, benghazi, eric holder, fast and furious, it doesn't end. >> eric isn't irresponsibility as much as lawlessness. what is the executive branch responsible for? keeping us safe. from foreign evaders, criminals, the enemy, not to fix the schools and provide health insurance and determine the right wage to pay someone or right mortgage rate. the president is not a king. his role is limited and defined. i think obama fails tremendously. he's lawless. he's making it up as he goes along. >> i'm teaching my 15-year-old son about character. six pillars of character. i would give the obama
2:44 am
administration an "f" on all six columns of character. what would you give them? >> give them an "a." this is unbelievable to me. mary barra testifies in congress, came here and took a whupping. open testimony on benghazi. all the critics got their shots in. you talked about lois lerner. she's been investigated by fbi, justice, they can't find anything -- >> she retired with full benefits. >> if the facts don't fit, your preconceived notion of some left wing conspiracy, you want to throw it out and have a kangaroo court. that's what you call accountability? >> on top of all this, yesterday democrat jim moran, congressman from virginia who makes $174,000 a year plus benefits package to end all benefits packages said
2:45 am
congress is underpaid. >> well, he's a moron. we know congress isn't underpaid because it doesn't do its work. the first congress was voluntary. they weren't paid anything. when we started the united states. that's what should happen now. these guys -- you know, i have a theory about this. if you elect rich people, they are not capable of being bribed. that's what happened with the mayor of new york. he was making a buck a year. he was unbribable. that's what they ought to do. have volunteers who do this work who are in the congress. the congress in this case, i think, sebelius, lois lerner, talk about before that you had jeremiah wright, van jones all these people around the president. i'm going to say something that will sound -- juan will come out of his chair. the president should be impeached. the united states congress is
2:46 am
gutless. if they did their job they would go after these people. eric holder was condemned. he should have been impeached. >> we have to leave it there. juan, save it for the next segment. >> all right. >> you can continue the conversation right now on twitter hash tag cashin in. make your voice heard again. take a look at these tweets. "we the people have to decide when we've had enough of this out of control, invasive freedom-sucking big government." talk about not making a love connection. "the one thing i learned from watching hash tag cashing in, i agree with everyone except juan williams. what a surprise." quick response? >> chuck woolery, pat sajak, drew carey, bob barker, what is
2:47 am
it with game show hosts. they give away money, they should be democrats. coming up, what caused bill o'reilly to say this about me. >> smarter than i am.
2:48 am
2:49 am
2:50 am
i don't remember apple borrowing money for the iphone. i don't remember sony borrowing money for the walkman. i don't remember all the innovative beautiful, wonderful capitalist companies borrowing money. >> they pay the money back. >> fuf a good product, you don't
2:51 am
need the government to help you out. >> that's true but this is about cleaner air and hurting the villains. >> that was from my recent showdown with bill o'reilly over electric carmaker tesla. bill says he's cool with the government loaning private companies your tax dollars if it's for the greater good of the country. i tried to convince bill the government screws everything up and should let the free market decide. now, jonathan, it turns out the white house agrees with bill, reupping their green loan program yesterday. so who do you agree with, bill and barack or bolling and the folks. >> i'm surprised is o'reilly in favor of the cronyism, the subsidies, the price fixing, the redistribution that is the green energy distribution system in this country, eric? and i tell you what, o'reilly invokeses the greater good. what he's missing is fossil fuels are a benefit to this country. the more we use, the better our lives have become. it's not so surprising, i remember bill railing against me back in 2008 when he said the oil companies were gouging
2:52 am
americans. wee need to be protecting them, protecting our right to use fossil fuels, not making it harder and more cronyism filled. >> i have to walk past this guy, he's like 6'7" in the hallway every day. let's not bash bill o'reilly. he has a very valid point of view, i just took the other side. the white house announced $16 billion for loans and grants to these companies. it's out of control. it's got to stop, no? >> it's crazy. i'm on team bolling. i don't think bureaucrats should be playing investors and using our money, picking winners and losers. i thought the government was all about leveling the playing field. you're not leveling the playing field when you're picking businesses that are winners and allowing the other ones to lose. why are we investing money in a business that only provides cars to customers that are very, very wealthy? that doesn't seem very fair to me. >> all right. juan, we've spent, the american taxpayer spent over $150 billion on some of these programs, these
2:53 am
green energy initiatives over the years, over the last six years, in fact. what do we have to show for you it? >> jobs, jobs, jobs, and anytime we can have -- >> solyndra. >> a leadership role in terms of innovation and research, we should as an american people go after it. we don't want to give that away to chooin ina or the germans or anyone else. how can you speak clearly and say we don't give subsidies to those oil companies. >> we shouldn't be. we shouldn't give subsidies to any industry. >> they pollute our air and pollute our waters, and you want to say, oh, that's fine. leave them alone. they're such nice people. >> if they have -- >> they are such nice people. >> juan, i'm against -- if you're a libertarian, as you say you are, i hope you're against subsidies for every industry, but especially green energy -- >> i don't hear you say that. >> all these investments have been losers for the american people. it's gone down the drain. >> no, no, don't forget -- >> let me bring in wayne.
2:54 am
we have the libertarian view. wayne, what's your thought on the american taxpayer subsidi subsidizing some of these initiatives? >> some of these things have turned out -- i don't know that the end justifies the means but in many cases -- you think the human genome project which was massively financed by the federal government turned out to be something that was a terrific advancement for science, and you think about heart monitors and things that have come out of the space program and all of those things that were partially financed by the federal government. at the same time, on the other hand, you've got to say who is making this decision? who is the person deciding that we should put this money into this thing? are they right and are they wrong? and are the people who are making those decisions scientifically educated enough to do so? >> we'll have to leave it right there. it's a great topic. i'm sorry, we ran out of time again. thanks michelle fields and juan williams for joining us this week. coming up, even jimmy fallon gets the joke.
2:55 am
it's obamacare. while the funnyman mocks the latest numbers with clever punch
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2:58 am
time for what do i need to know for next week. wayne, you're up first. >> well, i'm returning to the banking system. i like wells fargo corporation. i own it. i've owned it for maybe ten years. it's been very good to me, and i think the big banks in spite of the fact that i think the big banks are bad for us, this one is a good one. >> how about you, jonathan?
2:59 am
>> well, the wells fargo, i don't think it's coming down the street. it's come too far too fast. up 25%. i wouldn't buy it. but i am looking at tin. you know, nickel had a great year last year, and tin, which you can buy under a ticker symbol jjt is one that i own. i think it goes higher. >> you've been hot with those. stay hot. that's it, thanks for joining us. before we go, the left is catching on. even jimmy fallon is bashing obamacare. here is what the funnyman said after the white house ran a victory lap. >> it's amazing what you can achieve when you make something mandatory and fine people if they don't do and keep extending the deadline for months. >> a new report shows young people are getting massive sticker shock from obamacare. their premiums are higher, deductibles are skyrocketing. in some cases you will be spending 15, even 20% of your salary on health care. so while some might think this is all funny, young people should know this, we aren't
3:00 am
laughing. obamacare pulled a fast one on you. i'll see you on the five. have a great weekend, everybody. hello and welcome to "across america," i'm jeff flock and where are we this week? we're on a ski lift. >> whoa! >> and a snowmobile. >> the snowmobile is back in a big way. >> we're driving down a frozen mountain and camped out on a frozen lake. notice anything here? we're looking at all things cold and hot. we are both sweating. look at this. we'll introduce you to the man who put his sweat into the relaunch of the twinkie. we'll explain why tea is becoming hotter than coffee. and if that hasn't


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